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Lymphatic Cleanse Grocery List 
Lymphatic Movements

Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Healthcare Handout

More info and Referrals: 

Lymphatic Yoga watch here

Benefits of Drinking Lemon learn more

Functional Medicine, Amber Ross PA
Blood work analysis, hormone therapy, weight loss programs and coaching.

Marzels Garment Store
Compression Specialists assisting with measurements and order placing.

David Wong Chiropractor
Chiropractic adjustments for adults and children.

Hokas Shoes
Dr recommended supportive athletic shoes.

Available for purchase at Renew+Restore

Dry Brush

Natural Boar Bristles


dry brush 2.jpg
dry brush.jpg

Essential Oil Blend in Roll-On diluted with fractionated oil $15.00

R+R Blend

Lymph Blend

Queen Blend

Scar Blend

Healing Crystals 
Chakra Trees

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