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Leah with Ice Cube, Jane Seymour, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Montel Williams
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With over 15 years of experience in professionally caring for people, Leah Lyons is the owner of Renew + Restore Wellness Center and Healthcare.
Ms Lyons is a Licensed and Certified in Lymphedema Therapist, Specialization in Integrative Nursing. Her clinic is a unique, synergistic blend of traditional  + integrative alternative therapies; treatments that have proven results to decrease pain and bloating and increase energy and quality of life.
The Story of Leah and Renew + Restore
Born and raised in Los Angeles, not too far from Hollywood, Leah knew she was able to help people as she herself overcame numerous obstacles in her youth.
Leah was an
Events Specialist for Marriott International and Vice President of Communications for The Event Planners Association.
She was involved in numerous, high-end celebrity events and projects working alongside worldwide favorites like the Beach Boys and Jane Seymour. She even appeared in commercials and television shows.
Through all the great experiences she suffered through frequent neck and back pain, bloating, terrible migraines and anxiety from trying to hide the pains. After numerous tests and following Dr's orders to take pain pills with no resolution, she sought to follow her own path of healing and discovered helpful benefits from a variety of therapies.
After finding and combining therapies to help herself
renew and restore
healing and happiness in mind and body connection, Leah had to share these combinations of life changing remedies. Having friends and family that suffered from Cancer related Lymphedema, Leah knew she needed to specialized in this underserved population.
She returned to school to become licensed in a variety of Medical and Integrative Health Care Methods.
She spent time working alongside Chiropractors and Doctors in the Bay Area.
The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is where Leah obtained license, certifications and advanced training. Lyons continued to build her education by attending Integrative Nursing with The University of Minnesota and Medical Statistics at Stanford.
She then combined her knowledge to create her own company, Renew+Restore; and now Leah is honored to assist clients in their journey to be healthy and pain free. Her intuitive skills and formal education synergistically 
collide to guide clients on a path of healing.

The Renew+Restore Associates

Licensed Massage Therapist
Lymph Rehab
Lymphatic Therapy
Lymphatic Reflexology
Dr David 
Functional Medicine
Physician Assistant
Doterra Aromatherapy Essential Oils Specialist
Website Admin, Tech and Events Assistant