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Leah has been practicing yoga since 2007 and in 2013 became a certified Yoga Instructor.

She has taught at LA Fitness, Recreations Centers, Domestic Violence Shelters, Law Enforcement Events and to families and children all over the West Coast.


Specializing in Restorative Yoga for Pain Management, enjoy the experience of private yoga instruction to help you find the safe stretches that are just right for your condition. 


Also try Youth Yoga, Lymphatic Yoga and Yoga for "People Who Don't Do Yoga".  

Choose from Private Yoga or Group Yoga 




The benefits of Yoga:






Anatomy Knowledge


Yoga for the Lymphatic System can boost lymphatic flow.

Balance and coordination movements help to feel a positive connection to our body.


Youth Yoga sessions include stretching the body and stretching the imagination.

Yoga Stretch Sessions for Teens, Tweens and Kids! Take a break from tablets, television and technology!

We start by incorporating yoga games, sometimes using with flash cards and dice. Yoga will also enhance the learning of anatomy.




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