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Lymphatic Healthcare 
Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Massage Therapy



There are three main types: MLD for Lymphedema, Lymphatic Massage for Post Op Surgery swelling, and Lymphatic Massage for Detox for everyone.

Lymphatic Therapy is for anyone who wants to speed up their lymphatic system.

Benefits include: 

Decrease bloating

Remove toxins

Filter water retention

Boost immunity

Reduce digestive issues

Decrease pms symptoms

Each body is different and the benefits are endless

Safe and Beneficial for conditions such as:

Multiple Sclerosis

Auto Immune Disease



Gall Bladder Removal




Tummy Tuck

Cancer Survivors

Knee Replacement 

Hip Replacement

Learn about Dry Brushing

About the Lymphatic System
Your lymphatic system filters waste fluids and toxins. The lymphatic system is an organ system in vertebrates that is part of the circulatory system and the immune system. The system does not have a pump, as your heart pumps your blood, the lymph system does not have pump to circulate lymph fluid. The way fluid is circulated is by your movement. In the picture above, there are clusters of lymph nodes is the inguinal, upper thigh, and in the axilla, armpit. Every step you take, those nodes are stimulated. 

Traditionally, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MLD was reserved for those with compromised lymphatic systems, such as Lymphedema, conditions where lymph nodes were removed, cancer survivors or any condition that affects the system’s ability to operate properly. A doctor would write a referral for MLD to be provided by a Lymphedema Therapist. MLD is used in hospitals, rehabs and clinics all over the world and is considered the Gold Standard in Lymphatic Healthcare.

Why do you need Lymphatic Healthcare?
There are more environmental toxins around us now compared to years ago. Everything we eat turns to waste. Each cell in your body is constantly absorbing. Lymph nodes hold toxins and waste products, they are storage tanks and can become full. When this happens, the cells begin to look for other ways to store toxins and create their own waste cells referred to as mutant cells; hence cancer, diseases, autoimmune problems etc.

Do you feel tired all the time? Or have constipation?
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphatic Massage and Treatments can decrease toxins that are trapped in the body, boost energy, assist digestive issues and reduce bloating. 
Lymphedema Therapy decreases swelling and infection. 

What does Lymphatic Therapy feel like?
It feels similar to a massage, very relaxing. The therapist follows a specific sequence of movements. Gentle pressure is applied to specific areas of the body that have high concentrations of lymph fluid. After treatment, fluids are safely eliminated, naturally with more frequency.

How do you feel after Lymphatic Therapy?
Generally, your limbs feel lighter, you may see a reduction in cellulite and feel energetic. When you release toxins, you could also feel tired. The best way to describe the feeling is to compare it to a work out, sometimes a workout gives you feelings of more energy and sometimes you feel like resting. Manual therapy is done by the therapist; however, your body can not tell the difference if your nodes are being stimulated from taking a walk or from a therapist manually draining the system. You get to lay down and relax, the body thinks you are getting a light workout.
With many people we can see the decrease in water retention and bloating. Most commonly we see this in the abdominal area, the low back and ankles. Upon request photos are taken of before and after therapy.

What are the different Lymphatic Healthcare Treatments?
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Complete Decongestive Therapy Bandaging, Dry Brushing, Cupping, Gua Sha Facials and Lymphatic Yoga

How often do you need Lymphatic Drainage?
For those with Lymphedema or a condition where lymphatic system is compromised: Your doctor will recommend frequency. Generally, the first week is 2-3 treatments, second week 2-3 treatments, third week 1 treatment and adjustments with treatment plan will be discussed.

For those who do not have a compromised lymphatic system: One treatment every two weeks for 6 weeks. Then a future plan will be discussed.

There is much more to learn about Lymphatic Healthcare please consider learning more from the American Cancer Society, Lymph Rehab, Lymphie Strong and Lymphatic Education & Research Network

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What is dry brushing?

Your lymphatic system loves to be dry brushed!


Dry brushing is a gentle treatment to stimulate lymph fluid. The lymphatic system is just superficial to the skin, meaning the lymph system flows just underneath the skin, it is not as deep as a muscle. Dry brushing intentionally in the direction of the lymph nodes enhances the filtering of fluid and toxins.


Dry brushing is also an ideal exfoliation for the whole body.


Dry brushing the whole body has many health benefits.

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