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Workshops + Classes

Meditation Protection to Renew+Restore Energy

Guided meditation to release, and yet, honor the past while preparing for the future. 

Every object has a vibrational energy and every living thing has a life force energy. 

Learn how to protect your energy field from stressful situations and free yourself from energetic blockages.

Incorporating Earth Elements, Sound Healing and Chakra energy alignment.  

After this workshop you will feel honored, inspired, self motivated and ready to move forward with your best intention for success.

Rose Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Every object on Earth has a vibrational energy frequency. 
The rose is the highest vibrating object on earth. 
Learn how to use the high vibe energy of roses to raise your vibrational frequency. 
Aromatherapy and Grounding Meditations are guaranteed to have you feeling as fresh and as beautiful as a rose.


Lymphatic Health Workshop

Why do you need Lymphatic Healthcare?
In this workshop we discuss how to boost our overall health and the roles a healthy Lymphatic System provides. 

There are more environmental toxins around us now compared to years ago. Everything we eat turns to waste. Each cell in your body is constantly absorbing. Lymph nodes hold toxins and waste products, they are storage tanks and can become full. When this happens, the cells begin to look for other ways to store toxins and create their own waste cells referred to as mutant cells; hence cancer, diseases, autoimmune problems etc.


Certified Yoga instruction. Restorative Yoga to reduce pain, Lymphatic Yoga to boost lymphatic drainage flow, Reiki Meditation Yoga to enhance mind body connection. Kids Yoga + Youth Yoga to guide our young ones on body positivity and the beauty of balance. Join a class or book as a group, contact for more information.
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