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Shoulder Massage
Neurolymphatic Reflex Therapy

Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, is one of the most common reflex point systems Leah uses.


Leah has combined the traditional therapy with proven results driven treatments  that can alleviate many types of pain and reduce swelling. The Renew+Restore NLR treatment is unique, effective and safe.

Neurolymphatic Reflex Points were discovered in the 1930's by an osteopathic doctor named Dr. Frank Chapman.

He noted palpable tender points throughout the body which correlated with certain symptoms, organ/gland issues, and muscles. The more chronically active and severe the reflex point, the worse the tenderness. 

With stimulation of the reflex point, usually with a rotary massage for 30-60 secs, or longer if necessary, there will be a dramatic improvement and strengthening of the associated weak muscle which correlates to the reflex point. 


By treating neurolymphatic reflex points, we increase and improve lymph (waste) drainage from the associated muscle and organ/gland.


This stimulates and strengthens the immune system, and releases toxins from the muscles, tissues and organs. It both strengthens and relaxes certain associated muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia (connective tissue). For example, working on the TFL (tensor fascia latae) muscles related neurolymphatic point strengthens the TFL, can relax the adductors, and boosts the large intestine.  


Working neurolymphatic reflex points also has a parasympathetic boosting effect and therefore promotes relaxation throughout the entire nervous system. This then energizes the body, promotes oxygenation to the brain and tissues, and releases natural endorphins. It stimulates the vagus nerve, thus enhancing digestion, healing, sleep, and a sense of peacefulness.

The benefits of incorporating Chapman's Neurolymphatic Reflex Points into this unique Renew+Restore treatment could help you on the road to being pain free!

Results from Renew+Restore NLR therapy can even been seen physically after the treatment. A reduction is water retention, can be a visual benefit although the internal benefits are endless for your overall health.

Partial info credit Synergy Chiropractic

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